About us

The Alex Family has been serving in Sicily since 2013.

Keenly focused on developing disciple-making processes within Sicily’s indigenous churches, they’ve a strategic aim at making new disciples, planting new Sicilian churches and building new bridges of hope and community throughout their region, known as Europe’s “Crossroads of Continents”, reaching even into immigrant, refugee and undocumented migrant communities.


After meeting at bible college in the mid 90’s and serving for 10 years in vocational ministry, Brian and Renee moved their family to Estonia in 2007, where they pastored for a season – responding to a crisis call for leadership. God used this season of ministry as a providential stage of training and development for their future work in Sicily.

Our Sending Church

In that time abroad, the Alexes recognized God’s hand preparing them for long-term ministry in Europe’s “deep south”, something they’d already sensed a call to many years prior. Thus, they returned home to Nashville, TN in 2008 in order to prepare: joining UWM and entering a season of partnership development and personal fundraising.

Our Mission Agency

During their first term (2013-2017), they adapted to Sicilian culture, became semi-fluent in Italian (even a little of the local Sicilian dialect), partnered themselves with a local Sicilian church (as well as a local ministry association), and helped to start a new national, disciple-making network which includes both Italian and American leaders.

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In the next two years, they believe they’ll see a grass-roots disciple-making movement emerge among newly developed(-ing) Italian leaders, who are being prepared, positioned, poised as indigenous pastors to plant churches in and around the region of Catania, on the eastern side of the island. All this only by His grace and for His glory!

The Alex Family – serving since 2013 – is sustained by your tax-deductible donations.