Fruitful Harvest

Hey everybody, in just one week, we’ll kick off 6 straight weeks of travel campaigning, championing the cause of the gospel and this Mission Sicily in the United States (and hopefully that means somewhere near you). I’ll leave the family here in Sicily and travel from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX and then spend a few weeks in north/central and southern California, sharing the good news of what God has done and IS doing here in Sicily.

Our campaign theme this year can be summed up in three simple words:

Nations * Worship * Jesus

Can’t wait to share this message with you, and to talk about what we’re seeing right here, right now in Sicily (among the nations)! I’d like to solicit (earnestly and forthrightly) your prayers for me, my family, and this stateside trip.

Please pray for God’s provision, protection, and gracious providence. Thank you!

As you’re no doubt already aware, the purpose of this trip goes well beyond merely updating our current partners on our progress here on the field – as meaningful as that is – I hope that we’ve already been doing some of that through our monthly newsletters, Facebook posts and Instagram feeds. More to the point, our overarching goal is to see others added to this mission, partnering with us for *even more* souls in Sicily.

More on that soon, but first this important message… THE FRUITFULNESS OF HARVEST


Here is just some of the good fruit that WE’RE seeing, fruit that YOU’VE been sowing into.

Every prayer, every dollar and every encouragement has been very productive in the harvest fields of southern Italy. Our overall mission (personally and in partnership) continues to be the same since we first started serving here in 2013. We’re here to make disciples * plant churches * build bridges of hope all over Sicily. Our day-to-day activity has grown roots and begun to bear fruit, and here’s a glimpse into what it looks like now:

1) Within the existing local church – BELPASSO
A) We’re 3 years into a 5-year bible school (“Omega”)
B) We’re co-writing/ co-preaching sermon series (Wed)
C) We’re strategizing “missionality” & gospel-centrality

2) Outside the existing local church – COMMUNITY
A) We’re co-operating a community center for the city
B) We’re ministering to refugees (locally + in Catania)
C) We’re building bridges between church & state

3) In our first community plant – PIANO TAVOLA
A) We’ve completed our 1st DBS survey with our core
B) We’ve conducted a first-fruits baptism (3 people!)
C) For the summer we’re making house to house visits

4) In our second community plant – MOTTA S.A.
A) We’ve initiated our DBS survey with two families
B) We’ve experienced many setbacks and resistance
C) We continue making visits, and re-strategizing now

5) Looking outside our local context – NETWORKS
A) We continue our work with the Orme Network
B) We continue to develop Care for Catania rapport
C) We’re involving church partners for the first time!

Of course, there’s always something is “lost in translation” with lists and typesets like this. Sure, Facebook, Instagram and the like all help to “fill in” the gaps. But, there’s still an intangible, human element that you just can’t “feel” in a post like this. That’s why it’s important that we try to connect in real-time on this upcoming trip and bring others in.

There’s so much fruit to be harvested, our baskets are full and we need more partners!

FROM MID-AUGUST TO THE END OF SEPTEMBER. Face to face this month and next, we’ll flesh out the 5 points mentioned above, the various spheres of influence that are bearing much fruit. You’ll hear, first-hand, about the people who are being impacted, the lives transformed, and the souls saved by the gospel because of Mission|Sicily. Would you help us create new opportunities to share this good news with others in your city?

This fruitful harvest exists because of you!

That’s what our next newsletter will be about. If you’re not on the list to receive it already, you can sign up using the “newsletter” tab at the top of this web page.

Thanks and see you soon!



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