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Mission|Sicily :: serving in Sicily since 2013

Keenly focused on developing disciple-making movements among Sicily’s indigenous churches, “Mission Sicily” has a strategic aim to 1) make disciples, 2) plant new, native churches and 3) build bridges of hope across the island, now referred to as Europe’s “Crossroads of Continents”.

Reaching across religious, social and ethnic barriers, Mission Sicily is affecting the local population as well as migrant, refugee and “undocumented” communities for the good of men and the glory of God!


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Since 2018, they’re already seeing a grass-roots, disciple-making movement emerge among newly developed – and developing – Sicilian leaders, who are being prepared and positioned as indigenous pastors to plant churches in and around Sicily, beginning on the eastern side of the island. By His grace and your partnership – all for His glory in Sicily!

The Alex Family – serving since 2013 – is sustained by your tax-deductible donations.